RuesCinéArt is a project under study that involves the development of a themed, related to arts and cinema, neighborhood planned to be built in the cosmopolitan island of Mediterranean, Cyprus.

The central idea of this unique, by any standard, project involves the development of five (5) thematic areas which all in one will compose an unforgettable experience to its visitors. When fully implemented, this themed neighborhood will, in a nutshell comprise of various buildings, venues and attractions, with architecture and design that comes from a past era.

In particular, the whole complex will consist of various entertainment attractions and events (to be enriched frequently over time) for all ages throughout the year that will all offer to the visitors a unique value for money experience, not currently offered by any form of competition.

A flexible and affordable entry fee will be charged to individuals, families, groups, schools, teams of visitors, from all over the world, with incentives
to repeat customers. The themed neighborhood will remain open throughout
the year.

Below, we elaborate on the areas and venues of the complex which (together with the rest of the neighborhood’s attractions and amenities) will differentiate it significantly from anything else.

Little Paris

The visitor will experience the atmosphere of a Parisian neighborhood of a past era. The neighborhood will consist of urban quarters of paved streets and plazas/squares with small shops, galleries, boutique hotel(s), restaurants, bars, bistro’s, street artists etc.

The neighborhood will be transformed accordingly during the year based on the events and shows that will be hosted.

Little Paris

New Orleans – French Quarter

The visitor will experience the atmosphere of New Orleans French Quarter. The neighborhood will consist urban quarters of paved streets and plazas/squares with boutiques hotel(s), bars, restaurants, art markets, street musicians etc.

On the main street of the area will be hosted several annuals events/festivals such as Jazz/Blues Festival, Carnival parades etc.

New Orleans - French Quarter

International Street Food Park

Could you imagine an outdoor area where you can smell and taste flavors of traditional/ethnic cuisines from all over the world?

The International Street food park will consist of small paved streets and small plazas which will include light constructions of ethnic/country specific restaurants, vintage street food trucks and canteens providing visitors an unforgettable tasting experience.

The abovementioned will be complemented by small street bars serving traditional drinks and cocktails with the escort of traditional ethnic music according to the period of time.

International Street Food Park

Amusement Park

The aim of this area is to provide visitors the experience of a classic, fun, Luna Park and keep them busy throughout their stay in the neighborhood, with several unforgettable activities during the whole day, in addition with the rest of the neighborhood’s Areas.

For this purpose, the amusement park will include classic attractions/games for families and kids, adolescents and adults such as a big wheel, carousel, classic rollercoaster for kids/families, zip line rides, arcade video games etc.

Amusement Park


The grand cinema/theatre will be the reference point of the whole themed neighborhood. It will be a vintage type classy cinema/theatre venue similar to the fifties-sixties cinema/theatres and relevant to the rest of the neighborhood’s areas. The cinema will be showing and/or hosting film premieres from Hollywood, French and European film industry.

The Grand Theatre will be hosting, among others, burlesque/French-style cabaret shows on a frequent basis and several annual events/shows.

During periods of mild weather conditions, the area will be transforming into an open-air vintage cinema, hosting movies from the French and European film industry.

Cinema Theatre
Top View


Technology will be a major success factor for the proposed themed neighborhood. The technology needs, for both software and hardware, will be great for the sound and safe operation of the themed neighborhood, especially in the post-Covid-19 era.

Wearable technology, informative applications based on Artificial Intelligence are technologies, among others, that will be developed to enhance the experience of visitors during their visit in the neighborhood.

Financial Aspects

Based on our Business Plan and market analysis the proposed project is financially viable with acceptable returns on investment even when the pessimistic scenario eventually prevails. Those returns will be very satisfactory if the basic scenario proves to be more realistic than the pessimistic one. The expected return on this investment compares very favorably with returns private investors could hope to earn by investing in projects with similar risk profile. Further details may be provided upon request.