Marios Gavrielides, the visionary Founder of RuesCinéArt, embarked on an enriching journey at IAAPA Expo 2023, leaving no stone unturned in seeking inspiration and insights for the project’s development.

One of the most significant highlights was a face-to-face meeting with Mrs. Natacha Rafalski, the President of Disneyland Paris.

Stepping onto the show floor of the Expo felt like entering a wonderland of endless possibilities. The array of games and activities showcased the limitless potential within the attractions industry, sparking our imaginations and setting the bar for what RuesCinéArt could become.

 The Innovation Floor, a showcase of cutting-edge technology, It was remarkable, especially in the areas of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). It became evident that embracing these advancements will be pivotal in shaping the future of attractions.

One of the most enlightening experiences came from the behind-the-scenes tours at Family Park and Prater Park. Experiencing both family-friendly and thrilling rides firsthand provided invaluable insights into the visitor experience, guiding our decisions for RuesCinéArt.

Perhaps the most powerful realization was that we are not alone in our passion for attractions and entertainment. Becoming a part of this community and ecosystem was both humbling and motivating, reaffirming our commitment to making RuesCinéArt a reality.

The feedback and insights gathered from industry giants were priceless. It affirmed our belief in RuesCinéArt’s potential and marked a significant step toward turning our dream into reality.

The IAAPA Expo served as a valuable platform for forging vital connections. Follow-up discussions have been already initiated with few individuals and Companies, while few more are expected to follow within the next period of time. Among the topics of discussion are the project’s master planning, high-level consultation, and the evaluation and upgrade of the feasibility study.

The “CEO talk” featuring industry leaders like Mrs. Natacha Rafalski, Mrs. Susanne Morch, and Mrs. Amanda Thompson was a pivotal session. Their discussions on innovation and future initiatives reinforced our commitment to creating something extraordinary with RuesCinéArt. 

During the Q&A session in “The Power of Strategic Investments: Why Invest in Themed Entertainment,” RuesCinéArt founder Marios Gavrielides brought to the participants’ attention RuesCinéArt. The insights gained and connections forged during this discussion have laid a solid foundation for our future endeavors.

In addition to these enriching sessions, Marios had the privilege of visiting booths hosted by industry giants. Conversations about RuesCinéArt’s potential and future collaborations were met with enthusiasm and excitement.

The IAAPA Expo 2023 was a catalyst for our vision, propelling us forward on this incredible journey. We’re eager to transform RuesCinéArt into a destination that redefines the attractions industry, offering experiences that captivate and inspire visitors from around the globe.