Explore a world full of emotions

We are beings full of emotions. We live in a world full of emotions; but most of the times we do not freely express our emotions. We are afraid to express our emotions…

We live in a free world but we are not really free. We believe that we are free. Our actions contradict with our thoughts… with our needs… with our inner. Our actions contradict with what we really are…

…and here comes the Art!

Art is a tool through which people explore and express their emotions in different ways; either as creators, performers or viewers; regardless the way, people through art, either transmit or receive emotions…

Art is transmitted to the people through different forms; through acting in the theatre or cinema, through a dance performance or through a painting or a work of art; all of these are different forms of Art… and all of them lead to the same result…create and transmit emotions to people…

…and here comes the RuesCinéArt!

A world that each of us is looking for. A world that suits to each of us separately and as a whole…

A world where each of us may freely explore, live and express its emotions. A world where each of us may fulfill its real needs…

It has come the time to experience the world that you were always looking for…

…explore a world full of emotions!

Mario G. – RuesCinéArt
Creator & Visionary

New Orleans
Amusement Park

An Introduction to the Project

RuesCinéArt is a project under study that involves the development of a themed, related to arts and cinema, neighborhood planned to be built in the cosmopolitan island of Mediterranean, Cyprus.

The central idea of this unique, by any standard, project involves the development of five (5) thematic areas which all in one will compose an unforgettable experience to its visitors. When fully implemented, this themed neighborhood will, in a nutshell comprise of various buildings, venues and attractions, with architecture and design that comes from a past era.

Investing in Cyprus

  1. Strategic Geo-Location
  2. Member State of the EU and Eurozone
  3. Attractive Tax System
  4. Legal System
  5. Professional Services – Talented Workforce
  6. Infrastructure
  7. Key and Growing Sectors
  8. Weather & Quality of Life
Why Cyprus